Toronto Dominatrix & Disciplinarian

Specializing in traditional-style discipline, impact play, maternal authority figures, FemDom, BDSM & fetish exploration

Meet Miz Darling

I entered Toronto’s BDSM and kink scene in 2021 with an interest in impact play, domestic discipline and fetish, and I haven’t looked back. I stand 5’10” barefoot (over 6″ in high heels) and love taking control and bringing you to submission! You’ll find I have a prominent sadistic streak, but I also enjoy taking a firm-but-gentle tone with adult babies or folks who prefer their BDSM on the softer side.

All consenting adults are welcome: people of all gender identities, gender expressions, ethnicities, body types and range of ability; individuals or couples; young (at least 18) or old; new or experienced. I’m first aid/CPR certified and practice safe, sane, consensual play.

The sections below are examples of the kinds of sessions and activities I’m interested in. These are not like meal options on a drive-through menu—all sessions with me are completely customized to explore the interests we have in common and create our own unique dynamic. Let me know which of the activities/fantasies you read here catch your interest, but please know I don’t need or expect your sexuality to fit neatly into any particular “box.”

Show me your devotion

Want to know what a 5’10” Dominatrix smells like after a workout?

Toronto Dominatrix in her workout panties and sweaty gym socks

Maternal authority figure pics and scoldings, NSFW workout videos and pics of my pretty bare feet!

Miz Darling's pretty bare feet with toenail polish to match her lilac paddle

A gal can never have too many shoes to stomp in, stockings to strut in or panties to musk up!

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