Foot Fetish
Toronto Mistress

Looking for foot fetish play in Toronto?

I have size 8.5 feet that regularly solicit compliments from strangers at my local pedicure spa. You can view my toes and soles and ask for custom pics/videos on my OnlyFans, or book a foot fetish play session in-person in Toronto.

Foot fetishes come with so many individual preferences: sweaty feet or clean, toenail polish or natural, in tandem with other kinks or Dominance/submissive play or all on its own. Let me know what you love about feet when you contact me, and we can cater our sessions to your specific interests.

Foot Worship & Sensation Play

Bathe my feet, sliding your soapy fingers between my toes. Brush your fingers lightly across my sensitive soles, making me twitch with tickling. Massage them, making me moan as you press your thumbs into the ball of my feet or my high arches. Use your mouth to stimulate them, licking up and down my soles or sucking my long polished toes.

If you enjoy FemDom Dominance/submission, I’ll make you my foot slave, commanding you to pleasure my feet just the way I like. However, I also offer sensual foot play sessions with no BDSM/control play elements.

Please note that I don’t provide sexual services (eg. foot jobs) or intimate body worship.

Foot Fetish Dress-up: Toenail Polish, Shoes & Pantyhose

For some people, their foot fetish is linked to additional fetishes. Some love the look and feel of toes wrapped together in sheer nylon pantyhose. Others love the arched curve of a foot in a stiletto, or the erotic anticipation of a shoe hanging off the toes, about to drop at any second. Still others like to be prodded by toes or crushed under feet as part of a trampling session.

I get regular pedicures and love styling my feet with different nail polish colours, anklets and toe rings. Subscribe for free to my OnlyFans to see my polls and help me decide what toenail polish colour I should get at my next pedicure!

Foot Fetish Toronto Mistress Miz Darling showing off her feet and toes in sheer nylon stockings

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