Punishment Spanking
& Domestic Discipline

Do you deserve a punishment spanking?

Punishment spanking and domestic discipline are my first loves and were my entry point to the Toronto BDSM scene. I enjoy acting as a maternal disciplinarian Mommy, Auntie, wife, teacher or baby-sitter, as well as taking on more sadistic FemDom roles like controlling wife or domineering boss.

You won’t feel so grown-up or in control when I subject you to embarrassing punishments like:

Spanking/impact play with a household pervertable (wooden spoon, hairbrush, bath brush), leather belt, leather or wood paddle, strap and/or rattan cane

Scolding and lecturing

Chores or homework assignments

Writing lines (eg. 50 neat, cursive lines of “I will show up on time like a good, obedient boy”)

Corner-time: reflecting on your bad behaviour and impending punishment while you stand in the corner with your pants down around your knees and your hands on your head

Mouth soaping to correct fibbing or naughty language

Early bedtimes, revoked privileges or enforced chastity

Stripping/exposing you, or forcing you to wear a schoolboy/schoolgirl uniform, maid’s outfit, frilly girly dress, lady’s panties or diapers

Strict Schoolmarm Fantasy

“Now up—leave your pants down—and over to the chalkboard. We’ll have twenty lines of ‘Naughty boys get bare-bottom spankings over teacher’s knee.’ And when you’re done writing, it’s back over my knee to continue your spanking. Maybe if you’re made to read those lines aloud as you’re paddled, the message will finally start to sink in!”

Toronto Dominatrix Miz Darling in a floral dress sits with her skirt hiked up to expose her full legs, her hand raised to call someone over her knee to be paddled

Punishment Spanking Roleplay Fantasies

Do you have a domestic discipline, punishment spanking or corporal punishment fantasy? Many people fantasize about being in a role or scenario where they’re out of control and have no choice but to submit to punishment from an authority figure. Roleplay is a way to experience those feelings of loss of control, smallness and punishment without the limitations of real life or personal identity getting in the way.

Here are a few examples of domestic discipline or corporal punishment roleplay scenarios we might act out together:

You hate it when Auntie comes to visit, because you know she’ll pull her hairbrush from her purse and take you over her knee for “the sound spanking your parents ought to give you.”

Teacher punishes your tardiness by keeping you late after school to strap you, then sit your stinging bottom down on the hard punishment stool to write lines.

You’d die of embarrassment if your friends at school found out you still have a babysitter, not to mention one who’s two grades older and will use any excuse to spank you. 

“We’ll finish up your punishment with twelve of the best,” the headmistress says as she taps her cane against the flat of her desk, indicating for you to bend over.

Coach has a star reputation for motivating her athletes and pushing them to do their best. You don’t think she actually uses that ping pong paddle she keeps tucked in her belt, though, right?

You’ll think twice about looking at pornography again (or at least remember to clear your browser history!) after your jealous wife bends you over the couch for a good belting and announces you’re going to spend the next two weeks in chastity.

Peeping Tom fantasy

“What did I tell you about peeking at naked ladies in the bath, you naughty, dirty boy?! That’s it, clothes off—let’s see how you like it. Now over my knee, and let’s see if a bath brush spanking on a wet bare bottom doesn’t clean up your bad behaviour!”

A woman sits on the edge of a bathtub with a red towel clasped to her naked body and a bath brush raised as a punishment threat to spy who was peeking at her


Many people prefer to be spanked or disciplined for real-life reasons, whether as punishment for something they’ve done wrong or as an accountability measure to keep them on-track. 

A sound punishment spanking can be a way to acknowledge a mistake, reflect on how to avoid it in the future and “clear the slate” to move forward without guilt. These sessions generally include a scolding or lecture to chastise you for your bad behaviour, and often an additional “time for reflection” punishment like cornertime or line-writing to make sure the lesson really sticks. If I have to punish you for the same mistake more than once, you’ll feel my disappointment in the increased severity of your spanking.

Are you seeking accountability and discipline to help you achieve a goal or break a bad habit? I offer a blend of corporal punishment and life-coaching with regular check-ins and progress charting. We’ll start by discussing your goals, what you’ve tried in the past and the potential hurdles or temptations you need to watch out for; then we’ll agree on concrete rules and limitations to help you achieve your goal or break your habit. At our regularly scheduled in-checks, we’ll discuss your progress and I’ll discipline you for any slips and praise/reward you for your hard work.

(Please note that I often charge extra for accountability discipline, to accommodate the extra prep and tracking work required on my end.)

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