Davey’s punishment

(Part 1)

This is Part 1 of an account of a recent two-part serial session I had with Miz Darling and Mistress Violet Mays, i.e. 90 minutes spent with Miz Darling at her studio, followed a couple hours later by two hours with Mistress Violet at hers, the storyline continuing from one to the other (and continuing a broader story already established with Mistress Violet). I am “Davey,” I experienced and appreciated (understatement of the decade) every punishment described here, and even more so the creativity and expertise of Miz Darling and Mistress Violet. It is the hope and intention of all three of us to continue the story in the future. Part 2 of this story is available on Mistress Violet Mays’ blog.

Davey arrived late to Room 1, the detention hall. There’d been no time to get through the restroom line and he really needed to go. To his dismay he discovered Miz Darling, most unrelenting of disciplinarians and friend of his guardian Aunt Violet, was supervising detention that day.

The missing history homework which had led to detention might have drawn only lines as punishment had there been extenuating circumstances. But his tardiness, and the assignment missed merely through laziness, prompted Miz Darling to offer Davey the choice of accepting her corporal punishment or taking a note home to his guardian. Without hesitation, Davey chose the former—he feared Aunt Violet’s ire above all else. Down came his pants and over her long, beautiful thighs he went. He arose with tears on his upper cheeks and deep red roses on his lower—the stories were true, she seemed to have a palm of lead.

Sitting next to his 50 iterations of ‘I must improve my behaviour at school,’ Davey immediately made things worse by thoughtlessly writing “behavior.” Miz Darling pounced on it. What was that word? Did Davey know what country he was in? Perhaps, raised in the United States, he thought Canadian rules and etiquettes beneath him? It was another complaint she’d heard against the boy, his arrogance and condescension toward classmates, mocking what he thought of as their “accent.”

The pressure in Davey’s bladder grew as he crossed out the first line and began again. After 20 lines the pen he’d been given began to run dry; with Miz Darling’s permission he retrieved another pen from his backpack, but in his hurry he also dislodged a folded triangle of paper, a note he and Joey had passed back and forth, sending it skittering across the floor. Miz Darling didn’t notice, but would if he went to retrieve it. Better to hope he could pick it up on his way out. Back to work.

Coming to the end of the 50th line with great relief, he requested a chance to visit the restroom. Seeing his obvious discomfort, Miz Darling first took a leisurely look at the writing, then replied slowly. Was the health class emphasis on hydration the reason for his need? Davey hurriedly agreed. Where was his water bottle, she asked. In his…oh shit. In his backpack, full, in fact unopened. Another lie exposed.

Pants back down, back over those thighs, but this time to endure the ruler (far thicker than anything Davey had seen in science class). Yet despite the burning where thigh met bottom, and the tears now coursing down his face, Davey displayed half an erection and a strand of precum when he was released. Deploring the inappropriate thoughts he had to be having to cause such a reaction, Miz Darling marched him to her desk and bent him over that, applying the school strap until his erection subsided. So much time spent pulling pants up and down, best just to leave them off!

As she returned the strap to its hook, she saw the triangle of paper Davey had dropped earlier. Can you explain this, she asked. Davey’s stomach dropped out of him. Oh, it was just for a game of finger football at lunch, just scrap, just… Miz Darling unfolded it, saw the writing and drawings inside. She handed it to Davey. “Read it out loud.”

In a nightmare, Davey read: classmate Connie’s ass and nipples, “…wish I could see her naked and down on all fours,” “dripping for it,” Connie and Miz Darling on ‘Route 69’, favorite holes to use…all with his own illustrations. He finished, and waited.

Because he’d written it and drawn it, Miz Darling tawsed his hands until he screamed. Because he’d spoken it out loud, she soaped his mouth until the foam threatened to cut off the airway at the back of his throat. And because he’d obviously been thinking with what was below his waist rather than with his brain, the strap returned while he bit frantically into the soap bar to keep it from spurting out.

With other students involved, Miz Darling had no choice but to write a detailed letter home to Davey’s Aunt Violet. Nor did she have any inclination not to—she knew Violet, and knew Davey wasn’t done paying for his fun. She put him in the corner while she wrote—and he still had to pee!

A few minutes later Davey cried pitifully that he couldn’t hold it. Miz Darling didn’t even pause in her writing, and the inevitable followed. Hearing the pitter patter, she smiled to herself and began a new paragraph.

She finished, and tucked her letter and Davey’s note into an envelope addressed to Violet Mays. Davey was instructed to clean up his mess, then he was diapered as punishment. Before she fastened the diaper shut, she donned rubber gloves and spread embrocation gel liberally on Davey’s overexcited genitals and bruised bottom. He would spend the next week diapered at school and in detention afterward. Waddling slightly to the diaper’s crinkling rhythm, he headed home in dread.

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