ABDL Mistress &
Mommy Domme Caregiver

Who’s your mommy?

ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) is a far more complex fetish than most people outside the community realize, so there are a lot of misconceptions about it. 

Most importantly, it has nothing to do with the sexualization or involvement of children in any way: ABDL folks simply enjoy engaging in ageplay and/or diaper play by themselves and with other adults who take on the roles of caregivers or fellow adult babies. People with the ABDL fetish may find diapering and being treated as a baby to be sexually arousing, or find that it gives them feelings of safety and comfort, or a combination of both.

The ABDL fetish is also more like two related fetishes rolled into one. On one side, we have Adult Babies who regress to a “baby” version of themselves (often acting out a core part of their identity, rather than playing a roleplay character), and enjoy doing baby activities and being treated like a baby (there are also “littles” or “middles” who ageplay as toddlers and older). On the other side, we have Diaper Lovers, who enjoy wearing or being forced to wear and/or use diapers. Adult Babies or Littles may have little interest in diapers, and Diaper Lovers may have little interest in other baby activities, or there may be a lot of crossover. Loss of control and embarrassment are often erotic factors at play in both kinks, but not always.

Whatever your interest in ABDL and ageplay, I can provide an open-minded, non-judgemental space as your ABDL Mistress or Caregiver. I don’t do shame (except the sexy kind!).

A long-legged woman in a polka-dot house dress pauses from cooking to shake her wooden spoon at someone who's been naughty and deserves to be spanked

ABDL Mistress, Mommy Domme or Caregiver for Adult Babies

Are you an Adult Baby looking for a caregiver? Maybe you need a nurturing, affectionate Mommy to feed you your bottles and fuss over your cute baby outfits. Or maybe you need a Mommy who takes control away from you and forces you to be her sweet baby, whether you “want” it or not. Maybe you need both.

Our time together might include activities like:

  • Naptime with picture books, lullabies and rocking to sleep
  • Feeding a warm bottle of milk, or spoon-feeding baby foods (mushy fruits/vegetables, baby cereals, etc.).
  • Diaper checks and changes (wet diapers only; no messing)
  • Bathtime with bubbles, followed by baby massage with lotion (attention focused on non-sexual areas: limbs and torso)
  • Playtime with toys, stuffies, colouring books and activities
  • Music-time with well-known nursery tunes, singing and rattle-shaking
  • Tummy-time 
  • Spankings to punish naughty grown-up thoughts/behaviours and encourage regression

All of these activities are optional, and like any good caregiver I can customize our visit with activities that fit your needs and regression age. Not all littles require punishment spanking or need to wear diapers, for example; some just need a safe space and a comforting presence to help them enter and enjoy littlespace.

I don’t currently have a nursery where I’m able to host, but I make an effort to set the tone by playing kids songs and repurposing areas as “zones” for playtime, nap-time, feeding and changing. You’ll be asked to bring your own baby clothes, diapers or pull-ups, baby food/formula, and of course your favourite stuffies, toys and comfort items. You can purchase adult baby diapers and supplies online, or from brick-and-mortar Ontario retailers like Rearz and Universal Diapers (who also do online orders).

Your ABDL Mistress knows you belong in diapers

There are many reasons Diaper Lovers might be drawn to wearing diapers. Some love the sensory aspect: the baby powder smell, the cute cartoon prints, the soft bulky padding, the crinkling sound when you walk or when Mommy pats your bum. Some crave the feelings of security it brings, as something connected to the safety and unconditional love you felt as a baby. Some relish the embarrassment of being seen in a diaper; even worn under clothing, there’s no hiding that big, bulky padded diaper bum or that distinctive crinkling when you walk.

Your interest in diapers may be exclusive to wearing and being seen in them, or it may include using them. It may involve overt sexual activities, chastity play, traditional BDSM elements, punishment and/or humiliation, or it may involve none of these things. 

Diaper Domination & Forced Diaper Humiliation

While many Diaper Lovers have no desire to actually use their diapers, others are drawn to the embarrassment and lack of control of being forced to wear and use diapers, or requiring them for incontinence or wetting accidents. 

As your ABDL Mistress, our sessions might include:

  • Forced diapering and potty privileges taken away as a form of control or punishment
  • Bathroom restriction and bladder control
  • Potty training “games” and exercises
  • “Accidents” like pants-wetting and bed-wetting
  • Taking you out in public wearing a thick diaper that makes the seat of your pants visibly bulge and crinkles when you walk
  • Public (but reasonably discreet) diaper-wetting or pants-wetting
  • Forced/encouraged wetting through hydration, diuretics, spreader bars, etc.
  • Note: Scat is a hard limit of mine, so I don’t do “messing” play; only wetting

Please be aware that my potty training regiment is very strict, requiring you to have perfect grown-up control of your bladder. If you insist you’re ready to wear panties or pull-ups and then have an accident or use the potty without my permission, I’ll put you back in diapers and take away your potty privileges until I decide you’re ready to try again. As an additional punishment and motivator, I might give you a spanking, make you wear your wet panties or make you sit in your soggy pull-up/diaper until I decide you deserve a diaper change.

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